J’adore Bishy Rue: Street Party details – and seeking volunteer stewards

Planet South Bank has received the following message from Graham Meiklejohn – e-mail graham@meiklejohncommunications.co.uk if you’d like to be a Steward on the day.
“The Bishopthorpe Street Traders Association are getting ready  preparation of the next Bishy Road Street Party.
This will be held on Sunday 6 July.  The street party will commence immediately after the Tour de France Grand Depart has passed Bishopthorpe Road around midday.  The party will continue until 1900.
We are currently seeking Stewards for the event.  We would prefer people who would be available for the duration of the event but are open to all offers of support.
As the city will be the focus of global attention for the Grand Depart, all Stewards for the Street Party will receive a day of training provided by the City of York Council.  This will be along the lines of the training provided for the Games Makers at the Olympic Games.  We welcome the support the Council has made to facilitating this training.  This will be to a certified level which will be recognised by other event organisers.
If you would you like to volunteer for this role please reply to this e-mail and we will be in contact shortly with further details.  If you have any queries please let me know and I will be pleased to respond to then.
We hope you will be able to join us for another great community day on Bishopthorpe Road.
Kind regards,
Graham graham@meiklejohncommunications.co.uk “
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Wilja look at us!

Summer 2013

Summer 2013

Wilja being the name of the potatoes we’ve just planted …

Two new Nose gardeners, Luiza and Celia, joined us yesterday to be initiated into the ‘ways of the garden’, also known as emptying a large and smelly compost bin, and burying the contents to feed the worms and boost the soil. They seemed to quite enjoy it – they are definitely our kind of people!

We will be on the plot as a group every second Sunday of the month (eg the next one is May 11th) from about 2pm. Do come along and help out – there’s always plenty to do, and we have tools and seeds for all to get involved. We’ll also be there at other, less predictable times, when we have a spare moment, so if you see us, come and say hello.

The Nose is a completely open site, and we rely on our friends and neighbours to keep an eye on the plot; if you see anything untoward happening on the site, let us know.

Let’s hope for another fantastic summer, with bumper crops!!

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Trees at Terrys

There is a residents’ petition to protect the trees at the Terry’s factory site.

The campaign is led by South Bank resident Tina Fowler, who became concerned by after the felling of some trees by the developers. At the time of writing her petition had gathered nearly 1,200 signatures – clearly she’s not alone in wanting the Council to keep a careful eye on the work at Terrys.

See the article in The Press. If you want to sign the petition, please e-mail us and we’ll put you in touch with Tina.

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Open Garden at The Nose, 21 – 22 September

The Nose is always open: you’re welcome to look around, pull up a weed or two, and of course help yourself to a fair share of what’s available for picking. Radishes available at the moment!, in our new Salad Bed.

This weekend, we’re especially open! From 2 – 4pm this Saturday and Sunday, we’ll be there to give you a tour, help you get started if you want to learn more about planting and growing, and to introduce you to some of the folk who keep The Nose going.

Maybe you’re already interested – looked over the railings a couple of times, but not made contact yet? Here’s your chance; we look forward to welcoming you.

The Nose is next to St Clements church, on Scarcroft Road.

While we’re online, we can’t help but share with you some of the judges’ feedback when they re-awarded us the Green Flag earlier this year. “Very welcoming … friendly appearance … it is hard to think of a way in which [the garden] could be used more effectively or positively to serve the needs of the community”.

We hope you agree; and even though the judges find it hard to think of better things we could do, we’re thinking about what we do next on The Nose. Cookery classes? A course in vegetable planting and harvesting? Plant identification sessions? Got an idea? Let us know!

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Green Flag Award 2014

We’re delighted that The Nose has just been awarded a Green Flag for the second year running. The Nose is the patch of ground outside St Clements Church, now a community garden maintained by Planet South Bank with the support of the church and the help of Abundance York.

The Nose joins five Green Flag parks and gardens in York – all the other five are Council-run. Awarded by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, the Green Flag celebrates high standards in parks and green spaces across the country.

Here’s a link to The Press’s coverage of our award. And many thanks to all the volunteers who have helped make The Nose the welcoming and fruitful place it is.

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“Help yourself” – but somebody did!

We say ‘Help yourself’ to the produce growing on The Nose – that triangular patch of ground outside St Clements Church, now a community garden maintained by Planet South Bank with the support of the church and the help of Abundance York.

‘Help yourself’ – and last weekend, somebody did!

They took all the onions and most of the garlic, which would have been better left to the autumn. They took the broad beans – only just big enough to eat. And, very inexpertly, they pulled up the potato plants but left most of the crop under the soil.

I suppose we’ve been lucky that this hasn’t happened before. We’re hoping that the produce has been eaten by local people – though how many times it might have been sold on for profit, who knows.

I certainly thought that the ‘help yourself’ implied ‘Take a fair share and leave fair shares for others’; Though I don’t like negative notices in a place that aims to be welcoming, perhaps we need to make the offer more explicit?

And I’m mindful of the economic situation, benefit cuts and the bedroom tax; did they have a part to play? For example, I’ve heard that acquisitive crime such as shoplifting has increased in the last year in parts of Newcastle – and what’s being taken are not the expensive electrical items, but meat and baby food. Could this trend be linked to what’s happening in York communities?

Anyway, there’s no serious damage to the Nose, and we’ll keep on keeping on. If you’re interested in learning how to grow fruit and vegetables – and how to harvest them! – get in touch info@planetsouthbank.org.uk. We have regular Saturday morning sessions at The Nose, 10.00 to 11.00am every fortnight.

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New season, new bed!

Lots of hard work, mostly by Giles, has created this new bed, on the south side of the ornamental cherries. This area was over-planted and crowded, with about a dozen shrubs, as well as the trees which are still there, so the shrubs have been moved to new locations and the trees pruned back to let light in.

Today, Keith, Cath and Giles worked to empty out some of the compost bins, bury the compost in a bean trench and finished off this new bed, so it looks enticingly ready for use. Now, what shall we plant here? Come and tell us what you’d like to see here, perhaps during one of our Saturday morning sessions (the first is 2nd March).

New bed, looking lovely, March 2013

New bed, looking lovely, March 2013

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