Tomorrow’s Street-re-Cycle addresses!

Sunday 26 September, 11am to 3pm.

If you’ve not signed up, you can put stuff out anyway – there’ll be lots of people on the look-out for households taking part. There’s guidance at the end of this post for how to take part safely.

(streets  in alphabetical order)

38 Albemarle Road    YO23 1ER

16 Cameron Grove

25 Kensington Street

128 Knavesmire Crescent  YO23 1EU

1, 3 and 16 Norfolk Street

17 Queen Victoria Street

10 Scarcroft Hill

3 Scott Street  YO23 1NR

33 South Bank Avenue   YO23 1DR

19 Sutherland Street

11 and 13 Terry Street    YO23 1LR

30 Westwood Terrace    YO23 1HL

Here’s how to take part: put out your stuff at the front of your house. Sell it, swap it, give it away 🙂

Please take care not to block pavements or access ways, and tidy up anything not taken by the end of the event.

And, don’t forget to find time to wander round to see what neighbours on the streets nearby are offering There will be lots of local households taking part. Share on social media, tell your neighbours and friends, put up posters, invite neighbours to join in and clear their stuff too!

In these Covid-19 times, we’re expecting that everyone will socially-distance; use hand-sanitiser as you walk between households; and please only to touch any items you wish to take.

And most of all: take this chance to meet your neighbours, clear out your cupboards and sheds, get some great stuff for yourself, and have some good green fun.

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