Addresses for this Sunday’s Street-re-Cycle!, 11.00am to 3pm

Sell things, swap things, give them away…

If you’re not on the list of addresses below, you can still take part and feel part of the vibe.

For everyone who’s putting things out, please take care not to block pavements or access ways, and tidy up anything not taken by the end of the event. We hope you have a lovely day, passing things on, finding new things for you, and meeting new people in the area.

Participating households, listed alphabetically:

74a  Albemarle Road   YO23 1HB

68,  73 and 149  Bishopthorpe Road

6 Cameron Grove   YO23 1LE

1, 4 and 16  Norfolk  Street    YO23 1JY

47  Nunthorpe Crescent  YO23 1DU

off Nunthorpe Road, next to Clements Hall (via garden gate) YO23 1BW

1, 3 and 12  Scott  Street  YO23 1NR

11, St Bridget Court,  Lower  Darnborough Street   YO23 1AR

69, Sutherland Street  YO23 1HG

Copies of this list are available at the Sainsbury’s (on the noticeboard), and it’s also displayed on the pillar outside Sainsbury’s and on the cherry tree on the green opposite.

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