List of streets taking part in Street-re-Cycle 12 May 2019

Timings: 11am – 3pm, Sunday 12 May 2019

Let us know if you’re taking part! Please e-mail us

Alphabetical list of addresses we’ve heard of so far which are taking part (postcodes to help your navigation) – add your street to the list!

Albermarle Road, YO23 1ER – our furthest-south address, please make sure your Sunday trail includes them!

Baile Hill Terrace, YO1 6HF – through the City walls;  again, do please make a point of visiting these northernmost Street-re-Cyclers!

Bishopthorpe Road, YO23 1NX and YO23 1JX

Brunswick Street, YO23 1EQ

Butcher Terrace, YO23 1LS

Dale Street, YO23 1AE

Ebor Street, YO23 1AX (next to The Fisherman’s Wife, Bishopthorpe Road shops)

Fenwick Street, YO23 1JR

Norfolk Street, YO23 1JY

Millfield Road, YO23 1NH

Nunnery Lane, Trafalgar Bay Pub – and after the pub, follow round through the walls to Baile Hill Terrace and back via Prices Lane!

Nunthorpe Avenue, YO23 1PF

Nunthorpe Grove, YO23 1DS

Nunthorpe Road, YO23 1BQ

Prices Lane, YO23 1AL (households include opposite the city walls; and also on the grass opposite The Angel on the Green)

Rowntree Park (near the cafe), YO23 1JU

Russell Street, YO23 1NW

Scott Street, YO23 1NQ

Southlands Road, YO23 1NG

St Clements Church, Scarcroft Road, YO23 1NE

St Clements Grove, YO23 1JZ

Thorpe Street, YO23 1NJ

We can also provide posters to display in windows, laminated posters to be displayed
outdoors and balloons to attach to your  door/gatepost.
Please contact Pie Waller on 07761 642160 if you would like to collect posters or balloons.
Please be responsible for posters that you put up, and take them down after the event.
Please be sure to tidy away any leftover items at the end of Street-re-Cycle. Thank you!





1 Response to List of streets taking part in Street-re-Cycle 12 May 2019

  1. Still plenty of time to join in Street-re-Cycle. Dive into your cupboards and pull out all those cups, bowls and plates that never get used. Sort through your wardrobe and select all those tee shirts, skirts, shoes and other items that you know you’ll never wear again. And what about those books, DVDs and toys you could happily pass on to someone else. Have a great day on Sunday 12th May – meet your neighbours, pass on some of your stuff and have fun! Phone or text me if you would like posters and balloons to hang inside/outside your house: Pie: 07761 642160

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