What’s coming up

Workshop, Saturday 28 February 2015, 9.30 – 4.30

Clements Hall, Nunthorpe Road, YO23 1BW

Get your ticket here! (entry by donation)

There’s a great group of people already signed up to this workshop – here’s your chance to join them.
A unique opportunity to take part in a Common Cause workshop, which will introduce the pioneering ‘Values and Frames’ approach to inspiring social and environmental engagement.
Faciliators: Elena Blackmore and Richard Hawkins, Public Interest Research Centre
– Why do some messages reach their audiences so successfully?
– What are cultural values, why are they important and how do they change?
– How should we best engage with others about social and environmental issues?
The workshop will provide a hands-on approach to exploring the importance of the values that underpin concern about many social and environmental issues. It will explore how recent social psychology research – particularly on values – provides a lens through which we can analyse the full impact of our existing practices and consider how to secure broad, long-term public engagement with problems such as climate change, global poverty, inequality and more.
It will also highlight some of the problems that can arise when communicators, campaigners and activists inadvertently employ tactics that are likely to deepen people’s concerns about self-interest, economic benefit, or social status.
Past events:

Edible Christmas decorations: We used these recipes/instructions.

Stained glass biscuits

Heart baskets

Brown Ones (Danish Christmas Sweets)

              500gms rolled oats
              125gms butter
              500gms icing sugar
              125gms best cocoa
              2oomls approx single cream
              rum and vanilla or almond essence

Blitz the oats in a blender to very fine. Mix all other ingredients together add essences to taste and knead well. Chill in the fridge for about 1/2hr. When hard, remove and cut into good size pieces and roll into long sausages and then cut into desired lengths, about 2cm or so. If you were to use plenty of sifted icing sugar they should be fine without the chilling first. Leave somewhere to dry and then keep in a tin. They will keep a week or so but taste better when fairly fresh. 

More useful Christmas information about composting and reducing food waste.

Review of 2011: We got into our stride with activities and events during 2011, with an emphasis on local food-growing, composting in back yards, a campaign for more (relevant and rational) neighbourhood recycling facilities, energy reduction and community events – as well as having lots of fun, of course!

Our regular twice-monthly gardening sessions at St Clement’s Church will take a rest over the winter.

The Core Group meet on an ad hoc basis – if you’re interested in any of our ideas or projects and would like to help organise one of them, or want to put forward suggestions of your own, we would love to hear from you. Either come to our next meeting or email us.

This summer, we’ve been gardening, planning, having a tour of the allotments, having stalls at the Rowntree Park Birthday Party and Ward Committee plus doing the Funk Yard Trail!

E-mail info@planetsouthbank.org.uk to receive updates or if you want more information.

We enjoyed our 2nd SCARECROW TRAIL, (Sat 30 April-Mon 2 May).  See here for more info.

Two scarecrows sitting on a bench

Two scarecrows sitting on a bench

Our community gardeners have been in action all summer. See here for more info.


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