Community Garden

Local allotment sites have waiting lists, but you don’t have to wait to grow delicious veg, because Planet South Bank offers a solution – community gardening; a group of local people growing food together, and sharing the produce amongst themselves and other locals.

Planet South Bank worked with St Clements Church and with Edible York to transform land at the church on Scarcroft Road, from grass and (elderly) rose bushes, to fruit, veg, herbs, edible flowers and beautiful polinators. Edible York’s beds were in the paper, in an article that mentions our plot.

In 2011, our first year, we grew ‘a bit of everything’ along the borders, with cabbages mingled with courgettes, coriander amongst the carrots. Tomatoes grew well against the warm church walls, surviving late frosts, despite having to go in early. Two new beds were dug, which were mainly taken up with potatoes, and these beds were then over-wintered with a covering of green manure. We’d like to know what local people would prefer to see next year – get in contact with your favourites!

We’ve had a lot of interest from the congregation, including plants and equipment being offered, and from other organisations and projects, such as the BTCV’s Get Growing. This spring, we’re looking to increase the numbers of active gardeners, with the local Brownie pack, older folk and families from the church all helping by growing on seedlings before they are planted out on the plot.

Regular gardening sessions at St Clements Church: Sunday afternoons, twice a month. All are welcome – come and join us or call by for a chat over the fence. We can also arrange to meet you for gardening at other times. Leave a message here, or email us on

Alison and helpers, March 2011

At St Clements, we have spades and forks, which are available when we have our sessions or by arrangement at other times.

This community garden is for everyone who is interested in growing (and eating) beautiful edible plants, especially all the local people who are deprived of growing space. All are welcome to come and do a little weeding, pruning or planting – or pick some of the produce, when it’s ready – or get more involved by becoming part of the ‘stewarding group’ who will plan what will be planted. For more information on this, please contact


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