Privacy notice

1. We keep data in order to inform Planet South Bank supporters about our events, activities and news.

2. The type of data we keep is mainly names and email addresses. However, some of our participatory community events require us to record other data. In the case of events that involve a ‘trail’ or people taking part from their homes, we keep the addresses of those participating, plus details of the crafts/arts/swaps they are offering. With the Repair Café, we keep details of the kinds of repairs people are offering.

3. Storage of information: Planet South Bank does not store personal information, except where necessary for the administration of events (see 2). In the case of annual events, the information is kept for up to two years, so that we can approach you to ask whether you want to participate again.

4. Planet South Bank does not pass information on to other people or bodies without the individual’s consent, unless it is a legal or regulatory requirement to do so.

5. Planet South Bank will only add email addresses to its contact lists where it has the explicit consent of the individual to do so.

6. Planet South Bank may contact those who have supplied an email as part of event registration, where the communication is directly relevant to the proceeding of the event, and once after the event for the purposes of feedback.

7. Individuals may remove themselves from our lists by emailing with the heading ‘Unsubscribe’.

8. Personal information that Planet South Bank stores is kept in password-protected accounts. Where information is recorded on paper, it is stored securely and destroyed as soon as it is transferred to a password-protected account.

9. Planet South Bank takes the safeguarding of data very seriously, and acts to protect data from loss whether by accident or criminal activity. If a breach occurs, where data is accessed or could be accessed by a party not allowed access, The Data Controller, on behalf of Planet South Bank, will report the incident as required by the GDPR regulations, within 72 hours.