Barbeque at the Nose

On a sunny Sunday afternoon recently we gathered for a BBQ at the community garden in the grounds of Clement’s Church. It was a great chance to enjoy some of the fruits of our labours, including fresh lettuce from the garden and gooseberry cake. We didn’t manage to grow the burgers (!) but did enjoy some very tasty home cooking, including fresh bread as well as a range of delicious cakes.

There are plenty of soft fruit in the garden ready for picking at present, so do pop down (with a punnet) and help yourself.  Look out for the small pink gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, red and blackcurrants. Our next gardening session is Sunday 3 August at 4pm so feel free to join us then if you can.

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Extinction Rebellion in York – “Demand a Future” event


A Night Forum on Climate Emergency

21 June 16:00-23:00
at York Explore Library and Archive

A community-led, participatory assembly for individuals and organisations who care about creating a sustainable future for all.


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For info – 10 June: The Creativity of Sustainability: York as a cultural capital

From Mark Alty on behalf of the One Planet York Leadership Team:

“THE CREATIVITY OF SUSTAINABILITY: York as a cultural capital” (part of the 2019 York Festival of Ideas)

A conference on thinking creatively about York’s future, and how urban communities can become more sustainable by engaging with new ideas, initiatives and activity.

  • Monday 10 June 2019, 4.30pm to 7pm
    Temple Hall, York St John University
    Open to the public

Micro, micro, and me: what can the big picture teach us about how we can create change on a community level and a personal level? There may not be one big solution, but a thousand smaller actions can create big change.


Helen Graham and Phil Bixby from My Future York will talk about cultural project engagement and how to bring people together to collaborate creatively.

Catherine Heinemeyer from York Extinction Rebellion will discuss how the growing acceptance of the current climate emergency situation can open up a space for conversations and connections.

Ivana Jakubkova from St Nicks Environment Centre in tandem with York Community Energy will share their ideas about “house warming parties”, where community comes together to help with DIY insulation.

Christine Marmion-Lennon will speak on the subject of how joining in with groups to overcome loneliness and isolation can lead to sustained engagement with ideas.

New One Planet York chair Mike Bonsall will discuss “social platform for urban ecology”.

Sheridan Piggott of York Bike Belles will talk about the success of York Walk Cycle Festival and what it can teach us about mixing culture, community, and the arts.

The conference will include networking and workshop time when individuals and groups can discuss the ideas being shared and contribute ideas on the subject of creative sustainability.

Hot drinks and sweet treats will be on hand to fuel our creativity! We encourage One Planet York pledgers to bring any printed material to share with attendees, letting them know who you are and what you do. We are expecting a good mix of students, businesses, and charities to be represented – this is a great event to help connect with the wider York community.

Monday 10 June 2019, 4.30pm to 7pm
Temple Hall, York St John University
Open to the public


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Rehoming – stories from the Street-re-Cycle earlier this month

ItemsSome stories of what was rehomed; and a one-off notification of one item – a Spellbinder & accessories – not disposed of but still available.

And for your diaries: the next Street-re-Cycle is Sunday 8 September 2019.

Here are some of the stories from May 2019’s Street-re-Cycle:

“Dad and I are pleased to report that a donation of £30 has been made to St Leonard’s Hospice, money raised from our sale. I personally did well from other people’s items and am enjoying my new lime green jacket and White Stuff summer dress.”

“Everything I put out was taken – great!”

“An inflatable double camping bed, used once but no charity shop would take it now – thanks to Street-re-Cycle it’s off to a music festival instead! Much else also rehomed. All giveaways, but between us and our neighbours also taking part we ended up with a good donation from new owners towards Planet South Bank.”

We’re hearing that all kinds of curiosities changed hands on the day. Two vintage sets of rubber stamps; terracotta plant pots; a vintage table-top cricket game; children’s soft toys; a wetsuit; saucepans…

And an appeal from a householder who as the sole street-re-cycler on her street sadly didn’t do so well: “Would any craft people like to buy a Spellbinder with lots of accessories e.g. embossers & dies plus card/scrapbooking bundle. £65. (Worth around £200)” – PSB can put you in touch if you’re interested.

“It was so much fun to see our unwanted stuff finding new and happy owners! I was able to rehome lots of things, from a PT Bouncer, hoola hoop and an old suitcase to a wicker basket, old maps – and lots of plastic light sabres that The Husband insisted on collecting from car boot sales over the years for our Star Wars-mad child (now-21-year-old student daughter all grown up and living in London doesn’t know about this yet, but there’s still two left). The absolute best was a teenage boy who enquired after an old skateboard we’d had hanging around in the back garden for years. Apparently it’s so old it’s now a classic. “This is sick!” he said, even more delighted when I told him he could have it for nothing. “Look at the runners! Look at the wheels!” he said to his girlfriend. They fairly skipped off down the road to show it off at the skateboard park. A wooden toy Viking sword, a stash of unopened and unwanted beauty products and a magazine basket that was snapped up for fireside logs by another happy punter, and we were done. As always much of the fun is drinking tea on the step and chatting with neighbours and passers-by, as well as seeing people so pleased with their finds. It’s made me have a clear out and the rest will go to charity shops. A lovely day that, with the gorgeous weather, seemed to properly mark the start of summer.”

Thank you again to everyone who took part, especially the new owners! You’re happier, there’s more space in other people’s houses, and new local friendships made.

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Street-re-Cycle: send us your stories of the day – and 8th September will be the next

We hope you enjoyed the Street-re-Cycle today. A special thank-you to all the households taking part, and to those who visited and gave new homes to so many things.

Would you be willing to tell us your stories of the day? Which item were you most delighted to become the new owner of? Or if you were a householder, which item are you most pleased to have passed on?!

Only brief details needed please – e-mail to Thank you! We’ll post a blog of some of these stories, not including any names/addresses.

The next Street-re-Cycle will be on Sunday 8 September. Book the date now… And if you sign up to follow our blog, we’ll be able to make sure you get notification in good time.


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Planning your weekend? Street-re-Cycle tomorrow!, 11am – 3pm

Here’s the list of streets that we know of so far

From Albermarle Road to Baille Hill in Bishophill, and all points in between. Browse your way through, picking up new acquaintances and useful things as you go.

It’s not too late to include your house if you want to be involved in the great give-away! We’ll be adding to the list of streets up until Sunday morning.


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Update on Street-re-Cycle, Sunday 12 May

Here’s info on how to publicise that you’re taking part; and where to get your posters/balloons!
See this page for live updates of streets where we’ve already heard there will be street-re-cycling.
We won’t be producing a printed-out giveaway map this year, but just e-mail and we’ll add you to the webpage.
We can also provide posters to display in windows, laminated posters to be displayed
outdoors and balloons to attach to your  door/gatepost.
Please contact Pie Waller on 07761 642160 if you would like posters or balloons.
Please be responsible for posters that you put up  – and take them down after the event. Also please be sure to tidy away any leftover items at the end of Street-re-Cycle.
But most of all: take this chance to meet your neighbours – clear out your cupboards and sheds and have some good green fun.
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Street-re-Cycle: Sunday 12 May, 11am – 3pm

PotsAnnouncing the first Street-re-Cycle event of 2019 – Sunday 12 May, 11am – 3pm (or later if you wish).

Join in the clear-out! Put stuff on show outside your house and sell it, swap it or give it away. All good green fun…

Items can include books, toys, DVDs, clothes, shoes, leftover tins of paint, spare bits of wood, furniture items…(Please take care not to block pavements or access ways, and tidy up anything not taken by the end of the event).

We won’t be organising sign-ups or a map: there will be lots of households taking part. Tell your neighbours and friends, put up posters, invite neighbours to join in and clear their stuff too!

Questions / more information? Contact Pie Waller on 07761 642160.

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Tea and Cake at the Community Garden…

Our first community gardening session this year is this Sunday 17th March (tomorrow), at 4pm.
Fancy learning some gardening skills? Or joining in for friendship and fun? All are welcome.
Our community garden is the triangle of land by St Clements Church, between Scarcroft Road and Nunthorpe Road.
The weather forecast is dry for tomorrow and we will be getting the garden into good order for the growing season. There will be tea and cake – do come and join us.
Lyndall Nicoll
On behalf of the community garden at the Nose
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York #YouthStrike4climate this Friday


Join in or support!


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