Wilja look at us!

Summer 2013

Summer 2013

Wilja being the name of the potatoes we’ve just planted …

Two new Nose gardeners, Luiza and Celia, joined us yesterday to be initiated into the ‘ways of the garden’, also known as emptying a large and smelly compost bin, and burying the contents to feed the worms and boost the soil. They seemed to quite enjoy it – they are definitely our kind of people!

We will be on the plot as a group every second Sunday of the month (eg the next one is May 11th) from about 2pm. Do come along and help out – there’s always plenty to do, and we have tools and seeds for all to get involved. We’ll also be there at other, less predictable times, when we have a spare moment, so if you see us, come and say hello.

The Nose is a completely open site, and we rely on our friends and neighbours to keep an eye on the plot; if you see anything untoward happening on the site, let us know.

Let’s hope for another fantastic summer, with bumper crops!!

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