Hold the date – exciting workshop at Clements Hall, 28 February 2015

Update February 2015: tickets now available at http://valuesandframes.org/event/open-workshop-york/

On Saturday 28 February Planet South Bank will be hosting a unique opportunity to take part in a Common Cause workshop, which will introduce the pioneering Values and Frames approach to inspiring social and environmental engagement.

The Values and Frames approach is relevant to building connected and resilient communities, as well as to crafting messages which inspire commitment, creating compelling marketing communications and advocacy messages, and building stronger local relationships.

More details about the workshop will be available in the new year, but in the meantime please put the day aside. We are anticipating high demand for places. Information about a previous equivalent workshop can be found here http://valuesandframes.org/event/open-workshop-london/.

If you’ve not already signed up to follow the Planet South Bank blog (see the link on this page), please do so in order to receive immediate notification of booking details when they are released.

More detail about Values and Frames – adapting a few sentences from http://valuesandframes.org/ :

“We cannot build a durable and connected movement of citizens through appeals to people’s fear, greed or ego. Such motivations tend to produce a shallow, short- lived types of engagement. They are also likely to backfire, actually reinforcing values that undermine social and environmental concern.

“What values help create today’s social norms and institutions, and what, in turn, shapes these values?

“Fostering “intrinsic” values—among them self-acceptance, care for others, and concern for the natural world—has real and lasting benefits. By acknowledging the importance of these values, and the “frames” that embody and express them; by examining how our actions help to strengthen or weaken them; and by working together to cultivate them, we can create a more compassionate society, and a better world.”

Planet South Bank looks forward to welcoming you on 28 February.

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