Because we all need some Common Cause in our lives…

Places are being snapped up for the workshop to be held on 28 February. Folk have booked from across York and the north of England; and here’s your chance to join them.

It’s the first Common Cause workshop to be held in the north of England, on Saturday 28 February at Clements Hall. The workshop is facilitated by the Public Interest Research Centre, and hosted by Planet South Bank.

The workshop comes personally recommended: I’ve attended the equivalent workshop in London and found it really inspiring, so I was really pleased when the facilitators accepted Planet South Bank’s invitation to bring the workshop to York.

The workshop looks at why some campaign messages reach their audiences so successfully, and how to inspire greater community engagement when raising awareness of social or environmental issues.

So whether you’re trying to influence the council, or looking for signatures on a local petition, or trying to get your neighbours interested in a local issue, this workshop is an opportunity not to be missed.

Open to everyone in York; entry by donation.

More details and tickets at

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