Street Recycle, 18 September 2016

Our successful, community-building swapping and giving-away event will be running again this September.

Image result for garage saleSunday 18th September from 11am – 3pm. Sort out stuff you’d like to give away, and display it at the front of your house from 11.00am. Swap, sell or give away items (your choice) to those who come calling.

To make sure you’re on the map for people to find you, register by e-mailing Please provide your name, address and a contact phone number.

We’ll put up a list of participating households here on the website, and in hard copy at Sainsbury’s on the day of the event.

Closing date to be included on the list is Thursday 15th September.
Someone from Planet South Bank will hope to get round during the Street Recycle event to see you and thank you for taking part. Donations towards balloons/printing/laminating costs etc will be gratefully accepted!


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