Sort out your stuff for the great South Bank Street Re:Cycle!

20160918_102613009_iOS (2)Mark your calendar now for the Planet South Bank Street Re: Cycle, which returns again on Sunday 17 September (11.00am-3.00pm)

Now in its fourth year of running, the annual recycling event is a brilliant way of getting rid of stuff you no longer want – and getting stuff from other people that they don’t want, but you do!

It’s also a fantastic way to meet the neighbours and other local people and spend time getting to know them better, which is the lifeblood of community.

The way it works is easy:

  1.  Start sorting out your unwanted possessions now, and keep them safe ready for the big day. If you’ve got a shed, garage, bedroom or cupboard to clear out, now’s the time to do it!
  2. Contact us at by 10 September to let us know you are taking part, and we will include you on the map of participating households. This will be made available on our website, on our Facebook page and in shops in the South Bank area of York. (You don’t need to be on the map to take part, but it helps people to find you if you are.)
  3. Tell your friends and neighbours about the event and encourage them to do the same – the more folk take part, the more fun it is.
  4. On 17 September: set out your stuff by 11.00am on your front lawn or in your front yard (please don’t put create obstructions/trip hazards on the pavement) and be ready to engage with passers by.
    NB: We are trying to find a solution for people living in terraced properties that open on to the street – if there is sufficient interest, we will look at hiring a shared space, so do tell us if you would like to do this.
  5. Remember the objective is to rehome useful stuff and prevent items going to landfill, which boosts the circular economy, keeping materials in the system rather than making/buying new.  But it’s also about being friendly and helping each other out and making new connections. Have a jar for coins: people are mostly happy to give away their unwanted items but if people offer to pay you, it’s nice to collect for a local charity.
  6. If you don’t get rid of everything,  clean up and take the things you didn’t rehome to a charity shop or recycle them. Or …
  7. If they need mending, hang on to them again for our next Repair Café on Saturday 21 October at Clements Hall (10.00am-1.00pm) – details to follow soon!

This lady was going to take these juggling balls to children in Africa.


There are all sorts of unexpected finds to be had …


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