Cooking oil recycling on Bishy Road

bishyroad-buntingCostello’s Good Food Shop (formally The Good Food Shop) on Bishopthorpe Road is now offering a cooking oil recycling service for customers and local folk, in a fundraising partnership with Planet South Bank.

Owner Carol Costello explains: “All people need to do, next time they’re popping down to the Bishy Road Shops, is bring their used cooking oil to the shop and we’ll take it off their hands.  We’ll return their container to them to be filled for next time!”

The aim is to stop oil being put down the sink and into the water system.  Costello’s Good Food Shop has a large container in the shop for disposal of oil – and will of course be adding their own oil to it.

Once the container is full, Carol arranges the oil to be collected by a company who then turn the waste cooking oil into fuel.  Carol receives £10 for every 100 litres and will donate £5 of that to Planet South Bank.  So, as well as reducing waste and the amount of cooking oil going through the drains, you’ll be helping to cut down reliance on fossil fuels and raising funds for local action on climate change. What’s not to love?!

Costello’s Good Food Shop is ready for your donation now so call in during normal opening hours; Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5.30pm.

Costello GFS

Tweeting @thegoodfoodshop

Instagram @costellosgoodfoodshop

Email hello@costellosgoodfoodshop


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