Rehoming – stories from the Street-re-Cycle earlier this month

ItemsSome stories of what was rehomed; and a one-off notification of one item – a Spellbinder & accessories – not disposed of but still available.

And for your diaries: the next Street-re-Cycle is Sunday 8 September 2019.

Here are some of the stories from May 2019’s Street-re-Cycle:

“Dad and I are pleased to report that a donation of £30 has been made to St Leonard’s Hospice, money raised from our sale. I personally did well from other people’s items and am enjoying my new lime green jacket and White Stuff summer dress.”

“Everything I put out was taken – great!”

“An inflatable double camping bed, used once but no charity shop would take it now – thanks to Street-re-Cycle it’s off to a music festival instead! Much else also rehomed. All giveaways, but between us and our neighbours also taking part we ended up with a good donation from new owners towards Planet South Bank.”

We’re hearing that all kinds of curiosities changed hands on the day. Two vintage sets of rubber stamps; terracotta plant pots; a vintage table-top cricket game; children’s soft toys; a wetsuit; saucepans…

And an appeal from a householder who as the sole street-re-cycler on her street sadly didn’t do so well: “Would any craft people like to buy a Spellbinder with lots of accessories e.g. embossers & dies plus card/scrapbooking bundle. £65. (Worth around £200)” – PSB can put you in touch if you’re interested.

“It was so much fun to see our unwanted stuff finding new and happy owners! I was able to rehome lots of things, from a PT Bouncer, hoola hoop and an old suitcase to a wicker basket, old maps – and lots of plastic light sabres that The Husband insisted on collecting from car boot sales over the years for our Star Wars-mad child (now-21-year-old student daughter all grown up and living in London doesn’t know about this yet, but there’s still two left). The absolute best was a teenage boy who enquired after an old skateboard we’d had hanging around in the back garden for years. Apparently it’s so old it’s now a classic. “This is sick!” he said, even more delighted when I told him he could have it for nothing. “Look at the runners! Look at the wheels!” he said to his girlfriend. They fairly skipped off down the road to show it off at the skateboard park. A wooden toy Viking sword, a stash of unopened and unwanted beauty products and a magazine basket that was snapped up for fireside logs by another happy punter, and we were done. As always much of the fun is drinking tea on the step and chatting with neighbours and passers-by, as well as seeing people so pleased with their finds. It’s made me have a clear out and the rest will go to charity shops. A lovely day that, with the gorgeous weather, seemed to properly mark the start of summer.”

Thank you again to everyone who took part, especially the new owners! You’re happier, there’s more space in other people’s houses, and new local friendships made.

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