66722483_485625672199002_8479255187452592128_nFollowing the recent BBC War on Plastic series (do watch on iPlayer if you missed them – simultaneously depressing and inspiring https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/m0005xh7/war-on-plastic-with-hugh-and-anita), one of our Planet South Bank members took up the challenge and returned some plastic ‘feedback’ to a local supermarket in York.

The staff were somewhat baffled, but a friendly conversation followed and they were encouraged to watch the series for themselves. Seeing David Attenborourgh join in the encouragement to return our single use plastics is enough to inspire anyone…..and maybe if enough of us engage with supermarkets in this way it will help change pratices sooner than we imagine.

The eco pantry/zero waste shop ‘The Bishy Weigh’ on Bishopthorpe Road is another way to cut down on the plastics we bring into our homes. The shop is also collecting a number of items for recycling, such as plastic pens and toothbrushes, so do check out what you can deposit in the shop as well as what food you can take away. Just don’t forget to bring your own packaging….

And a good way to re-use plastic punnets is to come on down to our community garden in the grounds of St Clement’s church and fill them with soft fruit. Please help yourselves.

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