Next Street-re-Cycle: Sunday 8 September, 11am to 3pm

PotsThe next in our now regular series of households giving things away, to clear clutter, get some great ‘new’ stuff for your house, and to meet people in your neighbourhood.

Just sign up – e-mail to let us know you’re taking part.

Then on the day put out your stuff at the front of your house, to sell, swap or give away.

Items can include books, toys, DVDs, clothes, shoes, leftover tins of paint, spare bits of wood, furniture items… (Please take care not to block pavements or access ways, and tidy up anything not taken by the end of the event).

There will be lots of local households taking part. Tell your neighbours and friends, put up posters, invite neighbours to join in and clear their stuff too!

We’ll post here a list of all the addresses we know of, so that people know where to find you.

We can also provide posters to display in windows, laminated posters to be displayed outdoors and balloons to attach to your  door/gatepost.

Street-re-CycleSo… all you need to do now to register is e-mail

Please contact Pie Waller on 07761 642160 if you would like posters or balloons.

Please be responsible for posters that you put up – and take them down after the event. Also please be sure to tidy away any leftover items at the end of Street-re-Cycle.

And most of all: take this chance to meet your neighbours – clear out your cupboards and sheds and have some good green fun.

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