Enjoy your Street-Re-Cycle today! – final list of households:

Keep safe! – Please socially-distance; use hand-sanitiser as you walk between households; and please only to touch any items you wish to take. Thank you 🙂

Participating households that we know of so far (listed in alphabetical order)

38 Albemarle Road

3, 6 and 23 Aldreth Grove

73, 130 and 153 Bishopthorpe Road

21 Count de Burgh Terrace

83 Curzon Terrace

69 Fenwick Street

25 Kensington Street

1, 12, 16, 19 and 24 Norfolk Street

43 Nunmill Street

60 Nunthorpe Crescent

Rowntree Park (under the cafe)

59, 61 and 79 Russell Street

1, 3 and 7 Scott Street

33 South Bank Avenue

11 and 14 Southlands Road

3, 5 and 18 Thorpe Street

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