Sunday’s Street-re-Cycle – Final call and deadline for sign-ups: tomorrow 6pm (Thursday) 13 May

Below are the addresses we know of so far for this Sunday’s Street-re-Cycle. If you’d like yours to be on the list as well, please contact Pie Waller on 07761 642160 by 6pm tomorrow (Thursday) 13 May – thank you!

A printed list of addresses will be available from the Bishy Road Sainsburys from Friday 14 May.

171 Albemarle Road

73 Bishopthorpe Road

15 Curzon Terrace

59 Dale Street

25 & 68 Kensington Street

9 Millfield Road

1, 3 & 16 Norfolk Street

85 Nunnery Lane

77 & 79 Russell Street

3 & 45 Scott Street

4 Upper Price Street

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