Stop the plastic crisis!

Planet South Bank is supporting The Big Plastic Count, to help push the government, brands and supermarkets to take bold action and reduce the amount of plastic in our lives.

It’s easy to take part: visit and sign up.

When you do so, you’ll join over 100,000 other people who have already committed to taking part.

Then, count the plastic in your purchases during the week 16-22 May.

When you submit your results, you’ll get a personal plastic footprint and information about what really happens to plastic when it leaves your home. Once all the results are in, The Big Plastic Count will share the national picture, and the next steps on pushing the government into action.

No-one knows – nobody’s counting – how much plastic we’re really having to throw away, and it’s probably more than anyone realises. Help create a truer picture, in order to build a movement for change.

Do you know a school which might be interested in taking part? Ther’s a teacher’s pack and free resources, including classroom-based activities and a PowerPoint lesson for 9-12 years

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