Introducing Planet South Bank

What is Planet South Bank? Planet South Bank aims to help local residents to learn more about climate change, reduce their carbon footprints, lead greener lives – and have fun doing it!

South Bank includes Clementhorpe, Bishopthorpe Road, Nunnery Lane and the roads off Scarcroft and up to the Knavesmire.

We grew out of the York Green Neighbourhood Challenge (January to June 2010), and we are planning regular events, stalls and activities throughout 2011 and beyond.

Planet Earth with Planet South Bank around itWhat’s next?

Meetings (inevitably). More information on these nearer the time.

Gardening. From now until the end of the main growing season (early November probably), we’ll be there on a more regular basis – see our Gardening page for details.

It’s been great to see the garden being so fruitful. Planet South Bank members have already been handing out veggies to local people and others are starting to come down and see what’s going on and take some produce home – which is what it’s all about. There are pictures of the garden’s progress on our Facebook page – just search on Planet South Bank and you’ll find us. It’s also a good way to keep abreast of what’s going on, especially if we put up additional gardening sessions at short notice.

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