Eco-homes in York

The weekend of 16-17 May will see York’s first ever Open Eco Homes event, which will showcase and offer advice on eco-refurbishment and green building measures.

Could your home be part of it? Have you:

  • insulated your house?
  • installed double/triple window glazing?
  • got low energy lighting system?
  • installed renewable heating or electricity generation?
  • cut the carbon footprint of your home in any other ways?

The event aims to show a wide range of measures from small to big ones in different types of houses across the city. If you have made any energy-saving improvements in your home and would be happy to open doors to visitors between 1-4pm on one or both days of that weekend, please get in touch with Ivana at St Nicks to find out more: 01904 411 821 or

The event is funded by Green Open Homes network which has supported numerous similar events around the country. St Nicks’ partners for the York event are: Yorkshire Energy Partnership, Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust and City of York Council.

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