Sunday 27 November: a family event, planting in the orchard on Scarcroft Green

Sunday November 27th 11am – 1pm

(Posted on behalf of Laura Potts and Buglife)

There are 25 Primroses, 25 Cowslips, 15 Red Campion, 15 White Campion, 10 Common Knapweed, 10 Musk Mallow, 10 Oxeye Daisy, 15 Selfheal, 15 Wild Carrot, and 25 Yarrow to plant on Sunday November 27th, between 11am and 1pm.

More details on this poster.

Please do come along and do some planting – even if you can only stay a little while. Or come along with moral support and refreshments for the labourers, if you aren’t up to planting. Bring a spade, bring your friends and children, some energy and good cheer.

Laura Potts

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