Full bins, empty bellies, lonely lives

Not a Planet South Bank event, but might be of interest to you?
Image result for full bins empty bellies lonely livesThere is to be a screening of the film, Full Bins, Empty Bellies, Lonely Lives on 17 March, at the University of York. https://www.york.ac.uk/students/news/2017/full-bins/
The film explores three themes: food waste, food poverty/insecurity, and loneliness. It also looks at how these three issues can be, and are being tackled.
There will be a panel of guests talking after the film, and then the floor will be free to ask questions about the topics raised in the film. The guests are as follows:
Natalie Bennett, the former Leader of the Green Party who features in the film. She is also the Green Party candidate for Sheffield Central.
Jess Causby, a volunteer at Yourcafé, the local branch of the Real Junk Food Project, which is a worldwide group/collective who all work to reduce food waste by making lovely, tasty, healthy food (which is also cheap!) out of items that would have otherwise just gone in the bin.
Laura Chalmers, the project manager of the York Foodbanks, which handed out over 3,000 food parcels last year (https://york.foodbank.org.uk/).
Donations will be taken for the York Foodbanks.
The film is at 18:00 in P/L/002, University of York, on  17 March, and free tickets are available on Eventbrite. (To find the venue, type P/L/002 into the Room Code Search at  https://www.york.ac.uk/about/maps/campus/)
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