Plastic recycling in York: at-a-glance guide

PlasticRecyclingGuide2017 (002)

Confused about what kinds of plastic can and can’t be recycled in York? We are pleased to share this handy at-a-glance guide from the team at St Nick’s, the environment centre in York, which makes it clear what you can put in your council-collected kerbside bins – and what to take elsewhere. At the moment it’s only types 1 and 2 – plastic bottles and plastic jars – that can go in the kerbside collection, but there are other options for some other types.

Planet South Bank has already posted this infographic on our Facebook page, where it’s had lots of shares, and we encourage York residents to spread the word. You can also read this great blog by Sam Taylor, Recycling Officer at St Nick’s, which explains more.

Next year, Planet South Bank will be looking at local initiatives to improve recycling and reduce plastic use and waste. Keep an eye on our social media – and make sure you follow the Planet South Bank blog by email to keep up with all the latest news!

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