Update on Street-re-Cycle, Sunday 12 May

Here’s info on how to publicise that you’re taking part; and where to get your posters/balloons!
See this page for live updates of streets where we’ve already heard there will be street-re-cycling.
We won’t be producing a printed-out giveaway map this year, but just e-mail info@planetsouthbank.org.uk and we’ll add you to the webpage.
We can also provide posters to display in windows, laminated posters to be displayed
outdoors and balloons to attach to your  door/gatepost.
Please contact Pie Waller on 07761 642160 if you would like posters or balloons.
Please be responsible for posters that you put up  – and take them down after the event. Also please be sure to tidy away any leftover items at the end of Street-re-Cycle.
But most of all: take this chance to meet your neighbours – clear out your cupboards and sheds and have some good green fun.
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